David Torres, Colorado District 5, Candidate for Congress

AND not or.

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I am here to shake up the establishment.

I am not running a typical campaign because I am not your typical candidate. We can and will get back to electing the best possible candidate to office, starting right here in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.
Meet David Torres Democrat For Congress Colorado District 5
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I enthusiastically encourage you to show up and engage with your Congressional representative. #nothiding

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Community Issues David Torres Democrat For Congress Colorado District 5

Standing FOR,
not Against.

I have never seen such division among neighbors, friends, and family as I see now. Congress is also divided, and it has hindered their communications and ability to enact solutions for the American people. I do want to provide solutions for our country, but these goals will be irrelevant if I do not first help unite the people in Colorado, Congress, and the United States.

Strengthening services for those who have put their lives on the line and their families.

Supporting that every American, regardless of education, background, race, or ethnicity should be able to share in American prosperity.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right. No person or family in the richest country on Earth should have to go without healthcare.

Common sense measures that preserve our
rights and meet our responsibilities. 

Investing in the future success and innovations
of our country’s youth. 

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