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Voting Rights

Colorado is the gold standard for voter registration, accessibility and election integrity. I am proud of our state and how we conduct free, fair and accessible elections, and I will fight to make this a national norm. I will fight for national voting rights initiatives on the first day I take office and will not stop until I leave. 

To emphasize the importance of this fight, we look back on January 6, 2021 when a mob of extremists stormed the Capitol in an attempt to subvert our democracy. They refused to acknowledge that President Biden won in a free and fair election, perpetuating the Big Lie.

If Republicans take the majority in 2022, it will be another step towards the end of governance by consent, equal justice under law, and majority rule.

It will be another step towards authoritarianism.

With radical extremists working hard to implement voter suppression and even voter subversion efforts around the country, I want to take the example of how we do things in Colorado nationwide.