Every Voice Matters: In Unity, We Find Strength

Together, we can and will create a future where our nation stands united. Support this shared vision today. Your contribution shapes our tomorrow.

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Get Involved

Join Team

There are so many ways to help the team for the 2022 election. We always need help calling voters, knocking on doors, passing out literature, administration work, and much more. 

Fill out the form below and indicate you want to volunteer. Don’t hesitate to be specific with what you are most interested in and what your strengths are. David and his team will contact you to figure out the best position for you so we can take back CO5!

Host a
Meet & Greet

Host a Meet & Greet at your home or at an agreed location for you, friends, family, and neighbors to get to know the candidate, express the issues that are important to you, or simply grill the candidate to see what future plans are for this district, Colorado, and our country. 

Fill out the form below and just say you would like to host a Meet & Greet or fundraising event and David and his team will help you set one up. Include any information you might know such as size or potential location.