Every Voice Matters: In Unity, We Find Strength

Together, we can and will create a future where our nation stands united. Support this shared vision today. Your contribution shapes our tomorrow.

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I have many ideas and plans for how to continue the growth and prosperity in this district and country. Let me be very clear that the primary goal is to inspire the uniting of our community and country. I have never seen such division among neighbors, friends, and family as I see now. Congress is also divided, and it has hindered their communications and ability to enact solutions for the American people.

I will provide solutions for our country but first, we will start here in El Paso County helping unite the people in Colorado, Congress, and the United States.

Strengthening services for those who have put their lives on the line and their families.

Supporting that every American, regardless of education, background, race, or ethnicity should be able to share in American prosperity.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right. No person or family in the richest country on Earth should have to go without healthcare.

Common sense measures that preserve our
rights and meet our responsibilities. 

Investing in the future success and innovations
of our country’s youth. 

Increasing access, improving privacy,
and restoring dignity.

Ensuring reproductive freedom
and body autonomy for all Americans.

Proactively addressing the crisis
through economic incentives. 

Ensuring free, fair and accessible elections that
are the bedrock of our democracy. 

Confronting white supremacist violence and restoring the ideals of liberty, equality and justice.

Securing our borders by providing an orderly, transparent and fair process with compassion and humanity.