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Meet David

Much of my career has been in leadership in the healthcare administration field as well as coaching football. After moving to Colorado Springs from Puerto Rico, at the age of four, I would spend the next thirty years as a part of the Colorado Springs community where I graduated from Liberty High School in 1997. After graduation, I joined the United States Air Force Reserves where I spent my time working at Peterson AFB. I am a father of a high school athlete (football) graduating in 2022 and a fourth grader with aspirations in sports and performing arts.

​My wife and I were married in 2003 at Shove Memorial Chapel and she is currently an Emergency Room Physician Assistant working at both Penrose Main and St. Francis Medical Center. I, with the support of my wife, continually searched for ways to define how my dream of serving the public could be realized. I returned to college at the age of thirty-nine to finish my degree and to attempt to gain entrance into law school. It was during this process that I found that public service by way of congress would be the best platform to serve and unite my community.

​It was easy to select the district that I would run for congress in as much of my experiences in life, family, and career was founded in Colorado Springs. A city I love and have such a strong desire to take to the next level of excellence.

Running against incumbent Republican Doug Lamborn gives me the opportunity to unite the district. The next level of growth and prosperity in our district lies within the next generation of leadership. I am that leader.

David Torres Democrat For Congress Colorado District 5 - Meet David

​I want to represent this district that thrives on its belief system, a strong commitment to family, and the desire to continue to succeed. I will combat any discrimination and inequalities that occur and assist in building relationships that have been tattered between our communities. This richly diverse district requires leadership that understands the goals and needs of each member without compromise and without sacrificing that of others. A leader who will work in the gray area of issues to ensure that our people and all the counties in the district are represented with pride and ferocity bringing democracy to all.

​​As a de facto native of Colorado, I cannot express enough how much I love the amount of sun that Colorado provides. I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids camping, watching a lot of musicals, socializing with friends and family, and the occasional night on the patio with a glass of whiskey and a cigar. Ultimately, my passion is people. All people. People of different backgrounds and beliefs. I want to learn about others’ zeal and what motivates them. I am enamored with why others believe what they do, whether I share those beliefs or not. This passion has given me the opportunity to build great relationships with people from all walks of life.

​I am a true humanist that sees the good in everyone I meet. My childhood was not great and filled with hate, abuse, and negativity, however, when I decided to learn from the bad, recognize and build upon the good of my upbringing, I was convinced I could do it in every other aspect of my life. I want nothing more than to represent the district that aided in molding me into a person who may fall but will always get back up. That is the characteristic necessary of a congressperson regardless of their party and regardless of whom they represent.

​​I am a Democrat that will cross the party lines to discover what is best for the people. Now, I too, am extremely tired of hearing politicians say that “they will cross the party lines” simply as a catchphrase. This is NOT a catchphrase to me. It is rather my way of life.

I believe that working solely through absolutes is no way to conduct yourself in a leadership position and I will not shy away from doing all it takes to find the appropriate results within all areas of an issue. I treat every issue equally, but I do not treat them the same. I stand for equality for ALL and will not accept anything less.

​I know that no community is stronger than a diverse group of people, from different backgrounds, different life experiences, and different beliefs working together to accomplish the goals of their community. Hate and racism continue to leave a nasty stain on this country that we must do everything we can to eradicate. The generations that occupy our community today can make a great deal of progress to ensure that future generations do not inherit these attributes. I will work to understand all the issues and those affected to find solutions that best represent the people of Colorado and our Nation.

​I love how spiritual this district is and believe that our religious leaders will unite with our community to spread the acceptance and love that scripture teaches. While I will never hide the fact that I do not hold the same belief in God that others may, I respect every belief that promotes love and I want to honor those values. Our LGBTQ+ family is also of great importance to me along with their basic human rights which continue to be challenged. We will push against inequality at every level, and I commit to combating the thought that not everyone is equal.

​It does not matter what party or side you have voted for in the past, I understand all sides continue to lose faith in our democracy and our government. A new generation of leaders must emerge to unify our great people and rectify the mistakes made.

I will not be a party leader but instead will spend my time in office as an advocate for the people of the 5th district of Colorado, and our country. When elected, the people of Colorado’s 5th District will be my bosses. I will walk alongside my community, earn their respect, and get to work for them from day one in office.

Literally, Meet David

Please come out and ask questions and hold my feet to the fire.
I want to engage with all CO5 constituents.
And not or.

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